Our church is fortunate to have a number of ministries and programs that enrich the body of Christ and the community. 

Music Ministry.  The Traditional Choir under the direction of Mr. Frank Cannata rehearses on Wednesday Nights from 6pm – 7:30pm in the choir room and sings at the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th Sunday 10:30am services from Sept. – June. For further information about the Traditional Choir please contact Mr. E.V. Leslie through the church office.  

The Gospel Choir under the direction of Mr. Kenny Sutton rehearses on Wednesday nights from 7:30pm – 9pm in the choir room and sings at the 4th Sunday 10:30am service from Sept. – June. For further information about the Gospel Choir please contact Mrs. Marilyn Sifontes through the church office.

Vestry.  There are two wardens and nine members on the vestry who meet monthly.  The parish elects members of the Vestry at the annual parish meeting. A youth member also serves on the Vestry in an advisory capacity.

St. Philip's Men's Club.  The Men's Club has been in continual existence since 1973 when it was formed for the specific function of providing a structure whereby men could function more fully in the life of the church.  It is a diverse group of about 25 active members. The Men's Club contributes financially, spiritually and physically to the life of the parish.  The Men's Club contributes about $1000 a year to the parish directly and supports with funding and seed money several other projects and activities.

Episcopal Church Women.  The ECW of St. Philip's is a very viable church organization with a membership of 30 - 35 financially active women. (The ECW is open to all women of the parish, and by paying dues one becomes active.)  Each year ECW plans an active calendar of programs, events and projects.  Through monies received from membership dues and fund raisers, support is given to the Sunday School, Community Center, the Food Pantry and the general treasury of the church.  Several years ago, sewing machines were sent to our sister parish in Kenya. A major activity of ECW each year is the collection of the United Thank Offering, and is actively involved in the Diocesan Ingathering.  One of the most successful events sponsored by St. Philip's ECW was the involvement of chapters from throughout the Diocese in a welcome and tribute to The Right Reverened Barbara Harris the first black woman to be ordained Bishop in the Episcopal Church.  Over 800 attended the gala reception and dinner.

Episcopal Youth Council (EYC).  Our youth group was very active for close to two decades.  However, several years ago after a large graduation and other factors, membership fell below a critical mass to sustain EYC and EYC gradually ceased to function.  We believe we once again have a critical mass of young people and we hope to revive EYC.  In 1990, and 1992, a delegation of fifteen young people attended the Union of Black Episcopalian meeting in New Orleans, Lousiana and Philadephia, Pennsylvania, respectively

Endowment Committee.  In the late 1990’s St. Philip's received its first endowment.  The monies were bequeathed to us in the will of a non-parishioner who simply wished our parish well. There were no specific conditions to the bequest. The job of the Endowment Committee is to steward the investment of these monies and any others, in order to make them grow and to use them in the most productive manner.  Our plan is to use interest from the fund for our outreach programs.  We are determined not to use this gift for the day to day running of the church.

Memorial Committee.  The Memorial Fund of St. Philip's is a special account established by the Rector and the Vestry with the specific purpose of holding all funds given by members and friends of the Parish to purchase articles for use within the framework of the life and worship of the Parish, in memory of deceased members and friends. There are guidelines to be followed to facilitate and monitor the collection, disbursement, and accounting for said funds.